2 new Clarins products to buy right now

Clarins is a favorite of ours… We can’t live without the Beauty Flash Balm as a radiance-enhancing fatigue-fighting makeup primer. The Colour Quench Lip Balm is our go-to for moisture, shine and just a light wash of color for early morning school drop-off. And the Lotus Face Treatment Oil is our nighttime hydrator of choice for keeping our combination skin straight (and preventing retinol-induced irritation). So when we got wind of the new offerings for Fall 2013, two immediately jumped out from the pack, and since getting our hands on them, we’ve used them just about every day.

As we write this, it’s 5:30am—and we’ve been up since 1am. (A downside of crashing at 9pm.) So needless to say, we’ll need a little help in the dark-circle department today. Now that we have the Instant Concealer, no problem. Hands down the easiest and creamiest undereye concealer we’ve ever used, it instantly brightens the entire eye area, offers intense hydration to plump up those fine lines, and even contains caffeine to flush puffiness away before we head out the door. This is a real winner.


After being intrigued by the whole dot eyeliner thing for quite some time, we finally see what all the hub-bub is about thanks to Clarins’ 3 Dot Liner. Designed to get between your individual lashes to make them appear fuller, this is the perfect product for when you want to define your eyes without looking like you’re wearing heavy makeup. And this version contains an ingredient complex that boosts lash growth, and who doesn’t want that? This product is so popular that it’s sold out on the Clarins website, but do yourself a favor and have them email you when it’s back in stock, or try to track it down somewhere else!

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