Quench your hair’s thirst once and for all!

I’ve been talking a lot about my newly-platinum-hair’s endless need for hydration lately, but the fact is that most everyone’s hair could use some extra moisture. And with not that much summer left, odds are salt, chlorine and extra sun have taken a toll, making your strands more stressed than usual. I’m a proponent of proper hair care all year round, but I’m willing to bet you could use a little help from Ecru New York’s Acacia Protein Masque and Protein BB Cream right about now.

Packed with proteins derived from the acacia plant, this dynamic duo replenishes and repairs dry hair with nourishing proteins derived from the acacia plant. I’ve been using the masque for a few weeks now, and as far as texture goes, you’d never know that I bleached all of the color out of my hair (before putting a buttery-blonde hue back) thanks to the sunflower seed and grape seed oils, shea butter and marine extracts.

The BB Cream has come in particularly handy, especially since I’ve basically stopped blowdrying my hair altogether. Now I can shower before bed and put some of this styling/hydrating lotion in my hair come morning to help coax it into good-messy (not bed-heady) place. In addition to the aforementioned proteins, this lightweight yet effective product also contains silk amino acids along with jojoba and monoi oils to soften, smooth and even protect hair from further damage. Used on wet or dry hair, it’s a surefire way to treat and tame your mane at the same time!


Get dirty in the same of smooth, soft skin

I don’t expect my five-year-old son to understand exactly what I do (he told his Pre-K class that I sell sponges), and he was quite surprised when he caught me in the act of product testing last weekend. I was trying Frank Coffee Scrub, and he certainly wasn’t expecting to find me covered in what looked like mud when he walked into the bathroom while I was showering. Upon seeing me he said, “Mommy, how did you get so dirty?” and my honest response was, “I’m actually getting clean.” Then, with a bewildered look on his feet, he told me he was going inside to play the iPad and that was that.

So yes, Frank Coffee Scrub looks like dirt, but it’s packed with roasted and ground Arabica coffee beans, brown sugar, sea salt, cold-pressed almond oil plus tons of antioxidants. Sure the oil leaves skin feeling silky smooth, but the caffeine works wonders for boosting circulation and minimizing the appearance of cellulite. The gritty texture of the scrub makes it an amazing exfoliator—and so long as you’re a fan of coffee, you’ll love how delicious you smell afterwards.

You know your sink looks after you clean out your coffee machine’s filter? That’s how your shower looks after treating yourself to this amazing experience, so plan accordingly. (Personally, I save this product for the day or night before my housekeeper comes so I don’t have to deal with it.) But if you’re a fan of smoothing body products that are a treat for most of the senses, getting dirty with this scrub is totally worth it!


Rev up collagen production as you sit on the couch

What would we do without our precious collagen? Basically we’d all look like saggy old hags. We don’t give much thought to this essential skin protein until we start to notice its decline, and then we’re all about the vitamin C and retinoids to prompt our skin to produce more. Aside from skincare, light is a powerful collagen stimulator, and up until a few years ago you could only get these anti-aging treatments at a doctor’s office or spa. But these days there are scores of at-home devices that promise to give your fibroblasts (the cells that produce collagen) a kick in the pants—and the latest is ReVive Light Therapy’s Anti-Aging Treatment.


The brainchild of Kathy Ireland (who wouldn’t want to look like her?), this handheld LED-based device uses infrared and red light to increase collagen production deep within the skin. Totally painless, all you have to do is plug it in, put on the included goggles (if you want), place it on fine lines like crow’s feet, and sit there. A fan comes on after 3 minutes to keep the device cool, and it shuts itself off automatically after 25 minutes. A little advice from me to you: The light is BRIGHT so try not to look directly at it after you plug it in. Now this isn’t a safety issue, but you’ll thank me. While most people see results after about four treatments, the company recommends sticking with ReVive for 10 weeks to see optimal improvement.

Obviously I was most interested in the anti-aging treatment, but my package also included the acne and pain relief device heads. The acne one uses blue LEDs to minimize the bacteria that lead to acne, while the pain relief one uses infrared light to heat the skin’s temperature, in turn soothing pain, soreness and stiffness in the muscles or joints.

So what do you think? Worth a shot?

All clean! @itcosmetics @maccosmetics @kevynaucoin @stilacosmetics @narsissist @ctilburymakeup @lauramercier

All clean! @itcosmetics @maccosmetics @kevynaucoin @stilacosmetics @narsissist @ctilburymakeup @lauramercier


This new product takes your braid to the next level

If I had hair, I’d totally be rocking a braid this summer, just like everyone else. With so many variations, there’s a plaited style for everyone, but to achieve the look you need a few things. First, you need texture so your hair has the grip it needs to stay in place. Then, most ladies need a bit of volume to make their braid appear fuller—because even if the last time you braided your hair was 30 years ago, you surely remember how thin it can get by the time you reach the bottom. Based on the Fall looks we saw sauntering down the runway this past spring, this hair trend isn’t going anywhere, so you might as well pick up Oscar Blandi’s new PRONTO Braid Paste now so you can make your braid the best it can be today, tomorrow and in the months to come.

This first-of-its-kind paste lends texture and definition for optimal sculpting and post-plaiting results. The formula dries completely once applied (instead of leaving strands slick), and you won’t believe how much fuller your braids will feel. You also won’t believe how long your style lasts, and you won’t be dealing with any unraveling until you’re ready to untwist your tresses.

@essiepolish “Urban Jungle” #manicure #nails #coloroftheweek

@essiepolish “Urban Jungle” #manicure #nails #coloroftheweek


Another reason to hit the skincare aisle on your next Target run

Who doesn’t love a surprise? Well, that’s exactly what I got last week when I opened my front door for UPS and received an unexpected package from Borghese.

After more than 50 years, this Italian face and body line is still kicking, and the newest products are certainly worth a look-see. I received the entire Age-Defying Cellulare Complex line (which recently launched at Target!), which contains a blend of plant-based antioxidant and anti-aging ingredients to help improve visible signs of aging. Here are my thoughts on each and every one…

Cleanse Cream Cleanser: If you like a rich, creamy cleanser, you’ll definitely want to check this out on your next Target run. It comes out of the tube very thick, but definitely thins out once you rub it between your hands. I washed it off with a konjac sponge and I felt it did a great job at removing my makeup.

Clarify Skin Balancing Toner: This toner proved the cleanser did a thorough job since there was barely anything on the cotton pad I used. My husband really enjoyed this (he’s big on toner) but I wouldn’t recommend it for dry skin since my face felt a bit tight afterwards.

Revitalize Face Serum: This milky serum quelled the tightness I experienced after using the toner, and it absorbed rather quickly.  My skin felt very smooth, firm and taut. While some people might enjoy this lifting effect, I prefer my skin to feel more plump and juicy.

Nourish Eye Treatment: I absolutely love this eye cream. It has a creamy yet lightweight texture that soaked right in, and I love the invigorating tingle, especially in the morning.

Hydrate Night Renewal Emulsion: I’m not sure why this is called an emulsion because it’s most certainly a cream—but it’s a light one at that. It definitely left my skin plump and moisturized, but I wouldn’t recommend it for sensitive skin because my resistant skin got the slightest bit stingy…

Protect Moisture Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 15: In less than a week, this AM moisturizer has become my go-to for days that I’m chained to my desk (i.e. not really going outside). It’s light yet hydrating, absorbs super-fast, and works really well with any makeup you apply on top of it.

CC Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 15: Ideal for days when I don’t need to get made up, this CC cream evens everything about a bit while adding extra hydration and radiance. (I mean, just because I’m working at home solo doesn’t mean I should scare myself every time I look in the mirror.)

Exfoliate Facial Scrub: If you like a really grainy exfoliating scrub, you’ll want to stock up on this one. My advice: Use it in the shower on a day when you’re washing your hair, because it can be a bit tough to get all of the scrubby bits off without submerging.

So that’s that… And best of all, Target.com is offering $3 off with code ADCC1, and if you “subscribe” to these products (i.e. sign up for auto-refills) you get 20% off the already relatively reasonable price!


Made-for-summer makeup in a perfectly-portable size

Since I wear tinted moisturizer most days—and my commute is about 10 steps from my bedroom—I don’t give much thought to my makeup’s portability factor. If I’m headed somewhere, I touch up, and the only face-related cosmetic in my bag is a pack of blotting papers (just in case). No one really wants to tote around a full bottle of foundation, do they?  And can we all agree that a product designed for touch-ups can get most of us through the day? If you answered yes to either of these questions and you still want to look flawless, check out Pixi Beauty’s new Mini Flawless Vitamin Veil.

This cream-to-powder formula lets you adjust the coverage, while leaving skin with a subtle glow. Apply just where you need it to even things out and give your skin a dose of antioxidants and hydration—then slip it into your pocket. Available in 3 shades, it would be difficult to choose the wrong one—but if you’re unsure I say pick up both since they’re each only $9. And take my word for it… Once you fall for the miniature version, it won’t take long for you to pick up the full size!


A little extra help for those wobbly bits…

I’ll admit I’ve been a bit lax with my diet lately, and I’m beginning to feel the squeeze—at least when slipping into my skinny jeans. With work keeping me busier than ever, leaving me with less time to work out than ever, I’m looking for little shortcuts here and there. At the top of my list for my next trip to the mall: Soap & Glory’s Sit Tight Super Intense XS. Why? Because it works to firm and slim your lower bod as you sit on your ass.

Just like you, this innovate serum is fueled by caffeine, but this isn’t the same stuff in your cup of Starbucks. The formula uses super-concentrated caffeine encapsulated in microspheres that steadily release the fluid-flushing ingredient when exposed to the pressure of your body weight. You also get scary-sounding xymenynic acid, which is extracted from innocuous sandalwood seeds, to smooth the appearance of  cellulite—again, while you sit. Rounding out the mix are puff-reducing peptides that help stimulate circulation when coupled with massage, and that’s where the triple roller ball applicator comes in.

So while I do my part by cutting back on the wine and carbs, I think I’ll try letting this slimming serum do the rest…


The secret for bold, beautiful brows

Remember when super-thin brows were all the rage? Talk about a bad beauty trend, and one that took YEARS to recover from at that. (In fact, some ladies’ brows never rebounded.) Fast-forward 20 years and big, Brooke Shields-esque eyebrows are back (thank you, Cara Delevingne). But what if you’re challenged in the brow department due to overplucking, hormonal changes, chemotherapy or just lazy hair follicles? Get Truth Vitality Brow Empower.

Harnessing the power of copper peptides, vitamin B5 and emu oil, this cream is designed to increase cell proliferation and follicle size, which translates to faster growth and thicker hairs. It also helps hairs bypass the “resting” phase of the growth process caused by overplucking and menopause-related estrogen loss. The metal applicator is pretty nifty, too… You give it a little pump and the specially shaped tip helps you apply it precisely—and the cooling sensation is a real eye-opener in the morning. Instead of brow gel, I apply this, comb my brows into place with a spooly brush and I’m set for the day. As for growth, it’s only been less than a week, so not yet…

But Truth Vitality isn’t just about boosting brow growth. The line also features a serum, shampoo and conditioner that are formulated to provide the same results for the hair on your head. Featuring the same proprietary ingredient blend as the Brow Empower, it’s ideal for women experiencing thinning or shedding due to hormonal changes (even after you give birth!) and men with early signs of male pattern baldness. When it comes to hair loss, the earlier you intervene the better, and Truth Vitality is the perfect way to do something about it!