3 problem-solvers to try for fall

Temperatures are dropping (OK, plummeting to 80 down here in Florida) but regardless of the size of the swing, any change in weather can do a number on your skin. Dryness, redness and uncomfortable tightness and the biggies this time of year, but fortunately Kinerase has these skin-savers at the ready.

We’ll talk about dry skin first, because just about everyone is dealing with it right now. If your skin drinks up your moisturizer within seconds and still feels dry, it’s time to use a hydrating serum before you even reach for the cream. Designed to boost the effects of your moisturizer, HydraBoost Intensive Treatment is proven to increase your skin’s moisture level within one week. Along with all this extra hydration, you also get Kinerase’s signature anti-aging Kinetin for a double whammy against dry skin and wrinkles. The gel-like texture absorbs super-fast, offers a refreshing cool sensation, and leaves absolutely no residue to interfere with products that follow. Oh, and it’s suitable for all skin types!

Since we mentioned wrinkles, we all want a little help in that department, right? Extreme Lift Face promises to have you looking 10 years younger in five minutes (could it really be that easy?) Applied before moisturizer, this potent lightweight cream contains a wrinkle-relaxing neuropeptide, a skin-tightening algae extract, a plant-based line-smoothing ingredient, the aforementioned Kinetin, and antioxidant green tea. It, too, absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling plump, juicy and youthfully radiant—and it can be used by all skin types as well.

Finally, let’s not leave out our lips. Are you a bit chapped? (You’re not alone.) Ultimate Volume Lip Conditioner SPF 15 offers everything your parched pout needs and more. Dehydrasomes attract water to lock in moisture and reverse dryness, while a peptide complex targets three types of collagen to boost lip volume by up to 15%. You’ll find anti-aging Kinetin here, too, plus SPF 15 to protect your lips from sun damage (which, yes, can happen in winter).

So there you have it… What will you be stocking your fall skin survival kit with?