A brand-new way to get the benefits of vitamin C

An antioxidant is a non-negotiable step in my morning skincare routine and I’ve surely tried my fair share. This is one product that I’m pretty selective about, and since I’ve been well-educated about the science behind vitamin C (and the factors that contribute to an effective formulation), I rarely stray from SkinCeuticals, iS Clinical or Obagi. I’ve gotten quite used to these liquidy serums (save for the SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF Gel) but I recently became besotted with an antioxidant cream and it’s PCA Skin’s C&E Strength.

Combining 15% vitamin C and vitamin E for a high level of antioxidant protection (take that, free radicals!) this creamy option is designed to minimize fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration caused by environmental aggressors. It tingles a bit upon application (but that’s how you know it’s working) and there’s another bonus that gives it a leg up on the competition… It leaves skin on the matte side and (in my opinion) has the effect of a makeup primer.

If you take your skincare as seriously as I do, this antioxidant is worth checking out… You (and your skin) will thank me!