A clever way to soak off gel polish without actually soaking

Gel manicures are great for long-lasting chip-free polish, but they’re not so great for your nails. I try to limit these manicures to when I really need them, which is mainly when I’m traveling (which, honestly, isn’t all that often). Once I remove the gel, my nails are dry, brittle and peely, and I’m not sure if it’s the manicure process or the soaking in acetone that’s to blame. And the fact that I have to arrive 15 minutes before my actual appointment to get the stuff off adds insult to injury.

So when I saw ASP’s Cap and Foam Color Removal System I was intrigued. Rather than dunking your digits in caustic acetone, this mess-free system uses little foam pads to keep the solution on your nails while the rubber caps keep the foam in place. There’s little to no dripping, and they really help minimize unnecessary skin exposure to the acetone. Yes, this is similar to the tin foil wrap soak-off technique, but it’s a lot more secure and a tad bit cuter. And these are great for hard-to-remove glitter polish as well. Each set comes with 10 finger caps and 10 foam pads, and if gel manis are your jam, I highly suggest having these on hand (literally and figuratively).

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