A lighter take on skincare serums

Anyone who’s serious about skincare knows that serums are essential. These concentrated treatment products target specific skin concerns by delivering a mega-dose of active ingredients, and they help you customize your skincare regimen for the state of your skin at any given moment. But while most lines offer only a handful of options, Babor is all about breadth, and their extensive line of fluids literally includes something for everyone.

We recently received a sampling of these serum stand-ins, all of which contain super-concentrated natural ingredients. They come in single-use glass ampoules so you know the fluid always fresh, and we’ll admit that breaking them open made us feel like we were in chemistry class again. We tried the 3D Lifting Fluid (designed to minimize wrinkles and firm up the skin), Direct Beauty Fluid (which instantly smoothes the skin and illuminates it with micropearls) and the Anti-Stress Fluid (which would bathe in if possible), and the collection also includes offerings that target loss of elasticity, blemishes, dry skin and more.

Although we found each ampoule contained more fluid than we actually needed (which we suppose isn’t really a problem), the liquids absorb in a flash so you don’t have to wait before moving on to the next step in your skincare regimen. They’re also a great option for travel since they take up little to no room, but we do advise using caution after one too many glasses of wine…