A new, long-lasting weapon for fighting frizz

It’s literally a jungle out there, at least around these parts. The combination of 90+ degrees and 90+-percent humidity a recipe for serious frizz, and instead of giving up, I’m fighting it with all my might. And I couldn’t do it without John Frieda’s Frizz Ease 10 Day Tamer Pre-Shower Treatment.

I tried this out last week, so I’m technically 10 days in and still relatively frizz-free. It did a great job at smoothing things over (so to speak) after applying it to dry hair for just 10 minutes before washing. In reality, I think it totally helped, but technically it works to smooth the surface of each strand of hair and form a barrier that keeps frizz-inducing humidity out. It definitely made my hair feel softer as well so there are absolutely no complaints here.

Truth be told, I’m sitting here going from platinum to brunette as I write this, so obviously this changes everything from this point on. But if this treatment was able to tame my damaged tresses, it could help just about anyone fight off the frizz for the duration of the summer!