A perfect hair day is literally within your reach

Beauty-wise, there are few things better than a good hair day. There’s no way to predict or ensure that our hair will be beautiful or a bust, but of course certain factors like the weather or a hangover play a major role. But let’s say you have a meeting or a hot date that you’d really like to be well-coiffed for… Think of Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day as your style insurance.

Full disclosure: This shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment do not guarantee that you’ll have hair as envy inducing as Living Proof co-owner Jennifer Anison’s (though it does increase the chances significantly). These products deliver smoothness, volume, conditioning, strength and polish by combining two high-tech molecules, PBAE and OFPMA. While these letters might not mean anything to you, they mean a lot to your hair. PBAE is Living Proof’s volumizing molecule, and it leaves a pattern of thickening microdots on each and every strand for body and bounce that lasts for 48 hours. OFPMA is Living Proof’s “Healthy Hair Molecule,” and it imparts strength and shine by coating each strand with a weightless shield that protects against damage. And since the products also repel dirt and oil, your hair stays fresh longer and you can wash and style less frequently.

I’ve been using the 5-1 Styling Treatment and I can attest that it does indeed produce more perfect-looking hair. After blowdrying with just my fingers, my strands looked as if they were subjected to a round brush, when they actually were not. My hair was bouncy, shiny and definitely looked healthier, which prompted me to clear a permanent spot in my hair product drawer. So if you need a little help in the hair department, this range is well worth a look-see (and you can test before you invest with the Travel Kit).

Thanks to these lippies, spring has sprung in my makeup bag