A quick, easy way to get a sexy, come-hither glow

Perhaps you’ve noticed that dewy skin has fallen to the wayside, and that matte foundation has taken center stage. While this can be a good look when done correctly, if you’re more of a makeup moron than maven, matte skin can look flat and lifeless. We’re not saying that you need to eschew this trend (in fact, it’s a lifesaver for many oily-skinned gals), but you can accentuate a shine-free finish with a touch of shimmer in the right places—and BeautyAddicts GlimmerSheers are a simple way to do it.

Designed to highlight and luminize eyes, cheeks, and anywhere else for that matter, each of these four palletes feature two creamy formulas… A “Glimmer” that delivers a touch of sheen, and a hydrating “Sheer” to enhance your “Glimmer”-induced glow even more. We’re really into the golden “Express,” while those who want to add a little rosiness to pale winter skin should check out the pink pearlescent “Motivate.” We’ve also found the silver “Seduce” comes in handy for kicking up our eyes for a big night on the town—and all you have to do is pat it on with your finger. We love that these arrived just in time for the holidays, when we all have the green light to go for the glow!

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