A “save” version of my favorite makeup “splurge”

Hardly a day has gone by without wearing Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonderglow primer since I first got it in London almost two years ago. (Yes, I hopped on the CT train before this incredible line was available in the U.S.) But at $55 a tube, I often have a hard time justifying even the smallest dab on days when dropping off and picking up from school are my only adventures outside of the house. This is why I’m all about a good product dupe, especially when it helps me save money—and Pixi’s Glowtion Day Dew has been a pretty good stand-in for the past few weeks.

This illuminating primer has a super-light texture and an oh-so-subtle shimmer so there’s no threat of looking like a disco ball. In fact you can’t even really see it after you apply it, but there’s no denying the radiance-boost once I slap a little tinted moisturizer on top of it. I’ve also used it as a highlighter on my cheekbones with great results, and one squirt added to foundation gives it a more dewy finish. 

Although Pixi’s version is white while Charlotte’s is more peach, I have to say the effect is pretty much the same on my skin—but dramatically different on my wallet. I’d never, ever part with my Wonderglow, but I have to thank Pixi for significantly reducing my guilt level before 7 a.m.

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