A skincare splurge to gift or give yourself

Believe me, I wish I was I could spend hundreds of dollars on skincare (although if I were able to, I’m not sure I actually would). Sure, I ooh and ahh at four and five-digit handbags, but you’re more likely to find me drooling in the beauty department (Tom Ford Beauty, La Mer and Cle de Peau are my most-visited counters). Now, it wouldn’t be the holidays without the Neiman Marcus catalog and its over-the-top gifts, and I couldn’t make it through December without ogling the major beauty offerings. This year, one in particular caught my eye, and it’s Kanebo's Sensai Ultimate Holiday Gift Set (and “ultimate” it certainly is).

Brace yourself, because this limited edition set rings in at a whopping $740. Why so expensive, you ask? Well, Kanebo’s Sensai collection is formulated with Japanese Koishimaru silk and high-tech technology to create uber-luxurious and ultra-effective cosmetics, skin, hair and body products. This holiday set comes with a full-size jar of Ultimate The Cream (which retails on its own for $740), plus travel sizes of The Lotion and The Emulsion. Think of these two extras as a fabulous gift-with-purchase that tells that special someone how much you care about their skin (or how deep your pockets are). And if anyone’s still looking for a gift for me, this would work!

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