A totally different kind of hair tie

Some of the best beauty innovations are the simplest—and many are actually created by accident. That’s the case with Invisibobble, which came to life when German college student couldn’t find a hair tie, so she used an old telephone cord (remember those?).

Available in a bevy of colors, this ingenious hair accessory doesn’t pull or tug on the hair so you don’t have to worry about breakage. Its design also prevents dents and creases so it helps keep your blowout looking its best as well. And there’s a ton of ways to use it… Search for Invisibobble on YouTube and you’ll see.

When it’s not taming your mane, you can totally get away with wearing it as a bracelet, and if it ever gets stretched out, shoot it with a blowdryer for a few seconds to restore its spring. And you get 3 for $8, so you don’t have to freak when your friend steals one!

Have any of you tried it?

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