All the chocolate yumminess, none of the calories

I’ll be honest… I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. In my opinion, we should show our significant others how much we love them every day (although February 14 gifts in the form of jewelry don’t suck). Then there’s the candy… I try so hard to watch what I eat, and this silly holiday with all its chocolate and other sugar-laden treats totally derails my efforts. But of course I found a way to cheat—in a good way—and Iroha’s Sensual Day Moisturizing Chocolate and Shea Butter Facial Mask is good enough to eat (but I don’t advise that you do).

Beyond the amazing scent, this all-natural mask is great for your skin, too. With three treatments in each pouch, you get hydration and antioxidants, and the shea butter leaves a protective film that helps lock in moisture so it sticks around long after you’ve rinsed the mask off. After 15-20 minutes, skin is left smooth, soft, supple—and your sweet tooth is left satisfied, without any calories! I think it’s a great Valentine’s Day gift for your lady friends, and you might even be able to persuade your man to try it…

P.S. Iroha is currently available exclusively at Fred Meyer stores, so if you’re in the western U.S., stock up and send some east please!