An anti-aging workout for your face

As if it weren’t hard enough to get my ass to the gym, apparently I’m supposed to be exercising my face to stave off signs of aging. All joking (and sarcasm) aside, there’s a new beauty device on the market, and it’s bringing the benefits of microcurrents home. (Although many derms and plastic surgeons poo-poo this technology, I’ve experienced microcurrent facials first-hand and they really do result in tighter, firmer skin—at least temporarily).

Surely you recall StriVectin, the brand that prompted millions of women to slather stretch mark cream on their faces to smooth wrinkles (and it worked—and still does). Their new Facial Toner harnesses the power of electrical stimulation to target facial nerves and muscles, and minimize visible signs of aging.

Just a little background… As we age, we lose fat, bone and muscle mass in our faces, which results in a sunken appearance and sagging skin. Restoring volume with injectable fillers is one solution, and maintaining muscle mass by stimulating the muscles themselves (as is the case with this device) is another. When muscles are firm and toned, it has a lifting effect on the face.

As you can see in the photo, the device resembles a set of headphones, but the pads are placed on the face in front of the ears. You can choose from a 10- or 20-minute session (StriVectin recommends five 20-minutes sessions per week for optimal results), and adjust the microcurrent strength. Keep in mind microcurrent does not hurt, it feels somewhat like a massage, but a weird one at that.

While this might be a great option for someone who’s not quite ready for professional intervention (or needles), as with other at-home devices it’s important to have realistic expectations. Are you going to look 10 years younger? Probably not. Are you going to see improvement in your skin’s tone and tautness? It’s possible. Is your significant other going to laugh when they see you wearing this? Totally.