An under-boob sweat solution?

Red-carpet talk at Sunday night’s Emmy awards was almost as much about the heat as it was about the clothes. Maybe it’s just me, but the celebs didn’t seem too happy, and I totally get it… I don’t want to be outside when it’s almost 100 degrees, and especially not in a gown and sky-high heels. 

We all saw Allison Janney accidentally take her BeautyBlender makeup blotter on stage to accept her award so I can’t help but wonder what other measures the leading ladies took to prevent makeup meltdown, and even worse, wetness-induced wardrobe malfunction. I bet CupCare’s Bra Liners would have come in really handy…

Kind of like a panty liner created for your bra, these soft adhesive pads absorb under-boob sweat and help prevent staining (they also claim to make your bra more comfortable, and who wouldn’t want that?). Obviously these wouldn’t work for all of the dresses we saw on the red carpet because many weren’t made to accommodate undergarments—but these could be a game-changer for anyone who battles under-boob/bra sweat.

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