Are you protecting your pout properly?

Did you know that the lips are one of the most common areas where skin cancer crops up? Think about it… You’re (hopefully) slathering sunscreen all over your face, but I’m willing to bet your skin your lips. And that shiny gloss you’re swiping on before you head out could actually be attracting UV light. So what’s the solution? Sunscreen made just for your lips, of course!


If you’re a fan of Fresh’s Sugar line (I love the glosses and tinted balms), you’ll be thrilled to learn about the new Sport Treatment Sunscreen SPF 30. Offering all of the hydration and nourishment of the original treatment formula plus water-resistant SPF 30, the best part of this product is that you can also use it around the eyes and anywhere else on your face. Don’t hit the beach or pool this summer without it!


Another amazing option is Supergoop’s Shine On Lip Screen SPF 50 with Grape Polyphenols. With a glass-like finish and sun protection that can’t be beat, this UV-blocking gloss can be used on its own or on top of any other lip color. It’s also water-resistant and with grape polyphenols, you also get anti-aging antioxidant protection as well. Consider this another must for the months ahead!

Remember, daily protection is key for preventing skin cancer… Will you promise to wear SPF on your lips this summer?

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