Clear skin is just a click away

Trust me, I know first-hand how hard it can be to get a handle on breakouts. My battle started back in high school, and I clearly remember my mom taking me to the dermatologist who promptly put me on a regimen of topical clindamycin and Retin-A. Although I’d never say I actually had “acne,” I’ve never managed to be blemish-free for more than a few weeks—even now at the age of 37. But now, anyone can get top-notch treatment from a New York City dermatologist thanks to Clear Clinic Online.

With three Manhattan locations, Clear Clinic is the only skincare center dedicated solely to acne treatment. Founded by dermatologist Eric Schweiger, MD as a one-stop shop for acne, the clinics feature laser and light-based treatments, microdermabrasion, facials, chemical peels and their own line of products.

But the big news here is the new web-based treatment approach that gives you one-on-one Skype time with an Acne Coach who recommends a personalized regimen. You can either pay $50 for one virtual consultation, or $175 for two virtual consults and two months of products. So if your derm isn’t cutting it, or you don’t want to wait the weeks that it often takes to get an appointment, check out Clear Clinic Online and finally get your complexion under control.

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