Clinique’s new lip colors really pop!

For me, there are a few deal-breakers when it comes to lipstick… If the color doesn’t stay put, it’s immediately relegated to the giveaway bin in my beauty closet. Same goes if the color gets dry and cakey, because there’s really nothing attractive about that. Promising rich, vibrant color and smooth, smoochable lips, I put Clinique’s new Pop Lip Colour + Primer to the test—and it passed with flying colors.

A super-pigmented lipstick and primer in one, this new lippie gives new meaning to long-wear, and it looks like you just applied it hours after you actually did. Packed with nourishing shea and murumuru butters, the built-in primer helps it glide on smoothly—and (as promised) delivers color that really sticks around without feathering or bleeding. Unlike other long-wear lipsticks I’ve tried, this one doesn’t leave my lips feeling dry and tight over time. Instead, it feels like I just applied lip balm—and who doesn’t want that?

We all know that a bold red is the ultimate test for a long-wear lipstick and today I’m rocking the “Cherry Pop.” Three hours and two coffees later, it still looks fresh—and so do I. I also have a hot pink “Wow Pop,” and this one will certainly be part of the summer rotation as well.

Hop over to and check out the 16 shades for yourself… Which one would you choose?

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