CND’s Shellac manicures just got a major upgrade


There’s a time and place for everything—including long-lasting manicures such as CND’s Shellac (which we can all credit for starting the light-curing craze). I wouldn’t think about going on a business trip or vacation without one, especially when there’s repeated sunscreen application and a pedicure-busting beach involved. Although I don’t find myself in either of these scenarios that often, the new CND Shellac Xpress5 Top Coat and CND LED lamp dramatically improve your salon experience so you can start enjoying 14 days of high-shine color even faster.

Our time is valuable, and the new LED lamp cures your CND Shellac polish in half the time of the UV lamp. (Since you may not be able to tell which your salon uses just by looking at it, be sure to ask so you can potentially bump up your post-mani meeting or appointment.)  And for those of you (including me) who worry about UV exposure, the unit’s optic mirrors focus the light on the nail area only.

Now for the best part: The Xpress5 Top Coat is formulated to let CND’s Nourishing Remover (or acetone if your salon goes that route) penetrate faster for complete removal in 5 minutes instead of 10. In terms of nail health, this is major—and it just might prompt me to get CND Shellac manicures more often.

So dish… Are these CND Shellac improvements as big of a deal to you as they are to me?

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