Dress up your messy bun

I went back to short hair on a whim about four years ago—and have absolutely no regrets. This wasn’t the first time, and obviously I liked it and felt comfortable enough with a cropped cut to do it again. But as with most things, change is good, so I’ve been slowly but surely growing it out for the past year. I’m thrilled to say that the extremely awkward and annoying growing-out phase is over, and I am thisclose to being able to make a teeny-tiny ponytail. Once I reach that goal, a bun will be my next order of business and I found the cutest hairpins that will dress up a knot—or any other pulled-back hairstyle for that matter.

Check out these hairpins from & other stories… With just a hint of sparkle, they deliver an understated dose of glam that that almost can’t be seen—until it can. Since a messy bun has a more casual feel, these can elevate your hair to match any dressier ensemble you may be wearing (or not). 

I’m seriously contemplating buying them for when my hair is finally long enough… What do you think?