Easy-peasy sun protection anytime, anywhere

Some of you may be thinking I’m crazy for talking about sunscreen in January, but the fact is sun damage (the kind that leads to wrinkles and skin cancer) is a threat 365 days a year. Yes, I know you may not be basking on the beach or beside the pool, but even just going from your car to your office or to pick up lunch a few blocks away adds up—even during the winter.

I also know that after you apply makeup in the morning, you’re not exactly going to slap on some sunscreen to grab a coffee—and that’s why you need Brush On Block. This mineral based SPF 30 powder comes in a perfectly portable brush applicator, and it gives your makeup (and the sunscreen you applied this morning) a mid-day boost. 

I keep mine in the car so I’m always armed with sun protection on the go—and it’s fantastic for the kiddos as well. (Mine likes how it tickles.) Brush On Block is also sweat- and water-resistant, non-comedogenic and perfect for sensitive skin. In a nutshell, it might be the easiest, most effortless sunscreen ever—but don’t wait until summer to get it!