Fake Tan Friday: St. Tropez Sensitive

Self-tanner has become a staple in our beauty routine year-round, and we’re always shocked when people tell us they don’t go for a faux glow. Their first excuse is usually fear of disastrous results (that’s why we invented Bronze Buffer, so stop being a scaredy cat!), but the second is usually sensitive skin—which we can totally understand. Great news for all of you with skin that tends to sting, burn or freak out in any way whatsoever… You can get in on the faux-tan action thanks to St. Tropez’s new Sensitive Bronzing Mousse

Like St. Tropez’s original award-winning mousse (which in our experience delivers the perfect result every time), this one’s also tinted so you can see where you’ve applied, and this also gives you an instant golden glow while your color develops. We like that this formula contains teeny weeny particles of mica to give skin a radiant sheen, and it doesn’t hurt that there’s also aloe vera, grape and blackcurrant seed oil to hydrate, soothe and nurture your skin. As with other St. Tropez products, there’s no self-tanner stink and the color sticks around for days. So who cares if it’s cold outside? A golden faux glow is always in season!

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