False lashes just got SO much easier

I’m severely deficient in a few makeup areas, mainly eyeliner and false lashes—but I’m totally willing to work at it. Last weekend I busted out the Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen and literally attempted a cat-eye 20 times. After that , my eyelids were a bit sore from all the makeup remover, but I do think my skills improved slightly. I’ve managed to (sort of) learn how to apply individual false lashes, but I won’t even go near full strips. It’s asking for trouble—or eyes that are glued shut. Just when I had sworn off self-application forever, I found this GENIUS tool that makes false lashes that much less intimidating… Urban Beauty United’s Lash App.

The clip-like tool holds false lashes by their ends and makes it a lot easier to apply glue and guide them into place. The rubber-covered tip is contoured to the shape of your eyelid so you can place them with precision—and minimize the do-over factor.

Whether false lashes are a staple in your makeup routine, or you’re downright scared of them, this amazing tool takes the stress out of application for a mere $4.99. I promise, it will change your lash game in a major way!