Get more out of your tinted moisturizer

It’s a good day when I can get away with tinted moisturizer and just a little concealer under my eyes. But, as I get older, those days are getting few and far between. I refuse to wear foundation every day (most days I don’t see anyone of importance until my son comes home from school) and a little primer beneath my beloved Jouer Moisture Tint does the trick. But just when I had accepted the fact that this layering might be the only solution, I tried a sample of Hourglass Illusion Tinted Moisturizer.

Beyond not wanted to look made up, most of us use tinted moisturizer for a little hydration to carry our skin through the day. But a lack of coverage is the price we pay. I had somewhat of a beauty a-ha moment when trying this tinted foundation because it has a super-lightweight texture and leaves the radiant finish I love—AND covers those little imperfections that stand between me and a perfect complexion. The SPF 15 is an added bonus, as is the fact that it’s also packed with aging-fighting peptides, and I discovered I can lighten up the coverage with a wet makeup sponge on those days I actually don’t need the coverage. I just finished a tube of Jouer this morning (of course I have another on standby) but when my stockpile runs out, I’ll be buying this one for sure!

IBB “Save vs. Splurge”: Fragrance edition