Get proven anti-aging results with this new DIY device

Let’s face it… Lotions and potions can only go so far for improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. At some point, we have to break out the big guns in the form of in-office procedures like injectables and laser treatments (in my opinion at least). I’ve long subscribed to this way of thinking, but upon learning about the Iluminage Skin Smoothing Laser, I may have to rethink this stance.

At-home devices that claim to reduce wrinkles are a dime a dozen, but Iluminage is different… The result of a collaboration between Unilever and Cynosure (one of the biggest medical laser companies), this high-tech (and high style) device sends pulses of laser light deep into the skin to prompt the production of collagen—and deliver tighter, younger-looking skin with visibly less wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. With daily use—and no downtime—the appearance of lines gradually improves, with optimal results around the 12-week mark. Just keep in mind that skin may be a bit red after the first few treatments as the skin acclimates.

Not convinced? The results of 3,650 treatments performed on 58 subjects (overseen by a dermatologist found:

  • 78% demonstrated significant improvement in fine lines and wrinkles by 2 weeks
  • 87% demonstrated significant improvement in fine lines and wrinkles by 4 weeks
  • 95% demonstrated significant improvement in fine lines and wrinkles by 12 weeks

But perhaps the coolest thing about this gadget is that it actually tracks your improvement. Users can upload treatment data and photos to the online Skin Clinic via the built-in USB port to see their progress with their own eyes. (And you can also boost results with Iluminage’s new line of skincare products.) Now that’s pretty awesome…

All of this comes with a price tag of $595 (it’s available for pre-order now), but that’s significantly less that the costs associated with hitting the dermatologist’s office regularly… What do you think? Worth a try?

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