Get your glow on with these new tan towelettes

Personal preference plays a big role in self-tanning, and I know many ladies (and men) who swear by towelettes. Among the advantages are the perfect amount of product, portability, disposability and overall ease of use. Even better, most towelettes are formulated for face and body, so you can get every square inch of your skin with just one product (especially if you have someone on hand to do your back).

The latest addition to the self-tan towelette category is Trish McEvoy’s Beta Hydroxy Tanning Towelette, and if you like her makeup, you’ll love this newbie. In addition to sun-kissed color, these wipes feature exfoliating beta hydroxy acid that melts away the dead cells that can lead to streaks, saving you the skin-sloughing step before you apply.

Toss one in your gym or overnight bag to get your glow on anytime or anywhere—and enjoy gorgeous, golden skin all summer!

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