Give your hair an energy boost

Without my morning coffee, I’m a sluggish, cranky mess. Without a once-over with my Clarisonic in the morning, my skin feels the same way. Now I never really stopped to think if my hair had a case of the Mondays (regardless of the actual day of the week), but Phyto has, and they’re betting your strands could use a little pick-me-up in the form of their new PHYTOSPECIFIC Energizing Boosting Spray.

Like a shot of espresso for your hair and scalp, this revitalizing tonic breathes new life into dull, lifeless hair by oxygenating your scalp and rejuvenating your locks. Used on towel-dried hair before styling as usual, the blend of Plant Placenta (oxymoron?) and althea extract instantly boosts softness, shine and elasticity—so at least your hair looks like it got more sleep than you did.

IBB “Save vs. Splurge”: Fragrance edition