Hands down, the best exfoliator ever

The beauty world is rather small, and we all pick up each other’s tips, scoops and breaking news. But as with all journalism, there’s always the desire to be on the forefront (i.e. the first to report something). While magazine editors get information way in advance so their articles coincide with product introductions months later, most bloggers get their info pretty much as it happens, and it often pops up online that very same day. (This is why I get somewhat of a thrill when I post about something, only to see it covered by a “major” outlet a few days later.) But with so many products launching at any given point in time, it’s impossible to know it all, which is why we all depend on each other. Case in point: An incredibly positive post about the Baiden Mitten on Refinery 29. This review was so compelling that I ordered one immediately, despite the $50 price tag. (For a shower mitt, really???)

As soon as I placed the order, I started receiving emails about how to use it. In a nutshell, these emails gave specific instructions, and told me not to be alarmed if my skin looked like I got a sunburn after using it. This made me a little nervous. These emails also showed pictures of rolls of dead skin coming off, which definitely quelled the fear factor.

Then I tried it. Yes, my skin got pink immediately. And my skin is not sensitive AT ALL. The mitt had a few rolls of greyish dead skin, but not nearly as many as I expected—maybe because I’m pretty diligent about exfoliating in the first place. But I will say that my skin was beyond smooth upon stepping out of the shower. And I think this might just be the key to preventing ingrowns on the backs of my thighs.

I’ve been staring at this mitt for two weeks, but haven’t used it again because I ultimately read the directions. You’re only supposed to use it once a week—without any means of exfoliation in between. Tonight, I finally caved and followed “the rules,” soaking in a tub for 15 minutes (OK, 12 because it’s THAT hard for me to sit still for that long). Then I started scrubbing, and OMG it really was like getting a scrub down at Juvenex, one of my favorite spas in New York City. I had rolls of grey, dead disgusting skin all over me—so much that I had to take a shower after my bath. (You’re not supposed to rinse the mitt while your scrubbing, because apparently that gross dead skin helps pick up more gross dead skin.) And once again, my skin was majorly pink.

Then, since I was in so deep, I decided to actually apply body oil while my skin was still damp. (I’m really, really bad at following this basic beauty editor commandment.) Of course I reached for Mio’s The Activist Firming Active Body Oil because I know for a fact this product is the ultimate when it comes to skin hydration and nourishment.

Thirty minutes later, I hardly recognize my skin. It’s glowy, juicy, and frankly, more alive than it’s been in years. I thought 30 minutes was too much of an investment, but after seeing the returns, it was a small price to pay.

So at this point, I would say that $50 for this skin-invigorating exfoliation mitt was definitely worth it, especially since it’s meant to last for 2 years. Frankly, thanks to the Baiden Mitt, this was a very productive Saturday night. And those glowing review you’re reading are definitely true.

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