How healthy is your scalp?

Let’s be honest… Our scalps aren’t exactly at the top of our priority lists, but when you consider the things that could possibly go awry, maybe they should be. From dandruff and hair loss to skin cancer, many scalp concerns and conditions can be easily treated—and prevented.

We exfoliate our skin from head to toe, so why should our scalp be left out? Philip Kingsley Exfoliating Scalp Mask removes the buildup of dead cells and excess oil, in turn curbing the flaking caused by dandruff, and it can even help stop the itching that leaves you scratching your head. Its combination of aloe vera, moisturizers and powerful exfoliants soothes your scalp, improves its health and it just might stimulate hair growth, too.

Although our friends to the north may not be thinking about sunscreen just yet, our scalps are the final frontier when it comes to UV protection—and it’s so important since the scalp is one of the most common spots for skin cancer. Bosley Scalp Protect Suncreen SPF 20 shields this delicate area from the harmful effects of sun exposure with a weightless residue-free formula. This innovative product also contains apple stem cell extract to support healthy hair follicles, pentapeptides for strong hair roots and plankton extract to reduce the DHT (the hormone byproduct that plays a role in hair loss). Just remember that UV protection products for your hair don’t provide adequate SPF for your scalp, and while applying sunscreen to your part is great, treating the entire scalp is even better!