I gave cleansing conditioner another chance, and here’s what happened…

The “no-poo” movement has a lot of momentum right now, as just about everyone is trying to stave off hair damage and keep their strands healthy. As someone with such oily hair that I had to wash daily until I discovered dry shampoo, I was reluctant to try a cleansing conditioner a few years back and I should have trusted my instincts. As soon as I finished blow-drying my hair after experimenting with this shampoo alternative, I had to hop back in the shower and wash my hair because it was so greasy.

But I’m a big believer in second chances (not only for beauty products), so I decided to try again after receiving Joico’s Co+Wash Whipped Cleansing Conditioner. I planned my “test” strategically, choosing a day when I knew I’d have the time to re-wash if necessary—so imagine my surprise when my hair actually turned out great! 

With a mousse-like consistency, I slathered a dollop on wet hair as instructed, and left it in as I took care of my body business. I definitely expended extra effort while rinsing to ensure I got it all out, and then I proceeded as usual. After sitting a spell with my DreamDry turban, I applied one of my many damage-repair serums and Sasha Juan Ocean Mist before allowing my hair to air-dry. About an hour later I had a frizz-free, just-messy-enough ‘do that required no further finessing.

I’m so glad I gave the no-poo thing another chance because my hair can use all the help it can get… What’s your stance on cleansing conditioner?

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