IBB Vent: Post-family vacation beauty

‘Tis the season for family travel, and I know I’m not the only one who somehow thought going to Orlando the week before Florida public schools started was a good idea. As high maintenance as I may seem, I keep it lean and mean beauty-wise when I have the kid in tow (solo trips with my husband are another story)—which leads to this post. Part rant and part post-vacation to-do list, tuck this away to ease your re-entry upon getting home.

Face: Detox mask
Between the sweat and the gallons of sunscreen I applied over the course of three days walking (or trudging) through various theme parks. I needed some serious pore intervention when I got home. This is why I applied Glossier’s Mega Greens Galaxy Pack within moments of walking in the door.


Body: Exfoliate and shave
I usually don’t slack on my hair removal, but I had bigger fish to fry in Orlando, like how to get out of taking my child to the hotel arcade–again. And let’s be completely honest, “Hotel sex” isn’t all that sexy (or even on the agenda) when there’s a rug rat within earshot, which is why I didn’t really think about hair removal while we were away. (So yes, I was unprepared when we managed to squeeze in a quickie—but my husband didn’t really seem to care.) Suffice to say, shaving was my first priority upon stepping into the shower.

In addition to the aforementioned facial sunscreen and sweat, I had enough SPF on my shoulders and arms to fly into the sun unscathed. That’s why head-to-toe exfoliation with Yes to Coconut Polishing Body Scrub was my first order of business when I stepped into the shower.


[Note: Keep your detox mask on for at least the first few minutes of the shower to let the steam help it get all the gunk out.]

Hair: Recovery mask
As a girl who tries to only wash her hair twice a week, you have no idea the lengths I went to NOT to get my hair wet while we were away. But needless to say, my efforts to protect my freshly-blown tresses went down the drain on Day 1 when I took a dip with my son. It would have been fine if he didn’t blindside me with that cannonball, but shit happens. After that, my hair didn’t stand a chance thanks to the river raft ride, where I got caught under the “boat car wash” for a solid 3 minutes—and the seemingly endless sweating that only 95+ degrees could produce.

To that end, I washed my hair twice while we were away, but obviously didn’t bother blow-drying. If not for the fabulous Davines products stocked in our bathroom, I might not have any hair on my head right now.

After shaving and exfoliating, a deep-conditioning treatment was in order—and I had tucked away a sample of Oribe’s Signature Moisture Masque specifically for this purpose. Within seconds my hair was silky, soft and at least my hair had recovered from the stress of family vacation!


All and all we had a great trip, but it definitely took a few days to recuperate physically (and emotionally). I’m happy to report that I’m back on track beauty-wise—and thrilled the kiddo is back in school. Now I can rebook my standing weekly manicure, at least for the next 9 months!

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