In case you're wondering, cosmetic procedures are essentially risk-free...

I could not be more excited for my Botox appointment tomorrow, as I’m way overdue. With my birthday coming up in a few weeks, I’ll be looking rested, wrinkle-free and (hopefully) looking more like I was born in the 80s instead of the mid-70s. I may have no qualms about having toxins or fillers injected into my face as needed, many women (and men) still have reservations about the safety of such treatments, which is why I’m sharing this bit of research, which recently came out of Northwestern University.

After researchers reviewed more than 20,000 injectable, laser, light and energy treatments, they have concluded that these procedures are exceedingly safe and have virtually no risk of serious adverse events. Yes, some patients may experience side effects like bruising, swelling or redness, but this is temporary and only occurs in less than 1% of patients.

Sure, any dermatologist or plastic surgeon will tell you that cosmetic treatments are safe—but this is the first time we have scientific proof that this is indeed the case.  Believe me, I’m not here to say that everyone should get Botox or Juvéderm, because if that’s not YOUR thing, more power to you. But if you’re hesitant about enlisting professional help for minimizing visible signs of aging because you think you’re going to have one drooping eyelid or look like a freak show, the chances of that are pretty slim—so long as you go to a trusted, experienced professional.

Now, pardon me while I take a few “before” photos in anticipation of my appointment tomorrow!

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