Made-for-summer makeup in a perfectly-portable size

Since I wear tinted moisturizer most days—and my commute is about 10 steps from my bedroom—I don’t give much thought to my makeup’s portability factor. If I’m headed somewhere, I touch up, and the only face-related cosmetic in my bag is a pack of blotting papers (just in case). No one really wants to tote around a full bottle of foundation, do they?  And can we all agree that a product designed for touch-ups can get most of us through the day? If you answered yes to either of these questions and you still want to look flawless, check out Pixi Beauty’s new Mini Flawless Vitamin Veil.

This cream-to-powder formula lets you adjust the coverage, while leaving skin with a subtle glow. Apply just where you need it to even things out and give your skin a dose of antioxidants and hydration—then slip it into your pocket. Available in 3 shades, it would be difficult to choose the wrong one—but if you’re unsure I say pick up both since they’re each only $9. And take my word for it… Once you fall for the miniature version, it won’t take long for you to pick up the full size!

Another reason to hit the skincare aisle on your next Target run

A little extra help for those wobbly bits...