Must-have makeup to get the next time you're at Walmart

Makeup shopping at Walmart? Yes! Whenever I talk about Flower Beauty (um, Drew Barrymore’s line) and how amazing it is, I’m usually met with some semblance of awe. No one ever expects ME to even go to Walmart, much less stock my makeup bag. I make a discreet trip about once a season to check out the latest Flower Beauty products, and (shhhh), I’m hoping to get there this afternoon. Here’s what’s on my list…

Lighten Up! Illuminating Concealer
Just last week I wrote a post about prestige luminizing pens, and let’s just say I’m hoping this one lives up to my splurge vs. steal expectations.

Color Play Crème Eyeshadow
I already have two of these cream shadows and I love, love, love them. They’re super-lightweight, and they actually give you time to blend before they set. Once on, the color lasts all day—and I can’t wait to see the newest shades!

Lip Service Lip Butter
I had one of these sheer balm-meets-lipsticks and I somehow lost it, which was very disappointing. Imagine moisture, shine and the perfect wash of color—similar to Fresh Lip Treatments but at a fraction of the price!

P.S. Once you try the line you’ll see why I’m such a fan. But if you don’t want to trust me, an inside source told me Flower Beauty is produced in the same factory as some super-upscale lines you see in Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and the like!

As close to salon color as you can get at home