Naturally derived nail care that keeps your tips in top shape

Nail damage is a reality, though we often can’t see it since you’ll rarely catch us without a manicure. But it’s especially apparent after we get a UV-based gel manicure. In the past, we’ve just covered it up with a few coats of polish (and hoped that our nails wouldn’t break or peel), but now we’re actually doing something about it with Londontown.

This British brand’s Kur line takes a natural approach to nail care thanks to ingredients like rapeseed flower oil, evening primrose, cucumber extract and loads of vitamins and minerals. Just yesterday we gave our manicure a mid-week facelift with the Protective Top Coat, and it instantly restored its day one shine (which was dulled by a weekend of slathering sunscreen on our son) and dried in a flash, so we didn’t have to deal with any smudges. And you better believe we’ll be taking the Nail Hardener and Accelerating Drying Oil to our manicure on Thursday (and give you an update, of course!).

In addition to these treatment products, we also received one of Londontown’s newish Lakur Enhanced Colours, which are polishes infused with the same good-for-your-nails ingredients found in the treatments. The line’s signature trio of classic colors includes a sheer beigey-pink, sheer white and perfect-for-fall black (inspired by Mary Poppins which makes us love them even more)—but we’re beyond excited to try the “Purple Reign” for a cheery pop out color that’s sure to get attention.

And for the record, all of Londontown’s treatments and polishes are 5-free, vegan and gluten-free, so you have absolutely no reason not to try them!