One of our Pixi Beauty favorites goes portable

If you’ve ever tried Pixi Beauty’s Glow Tonic, you know how amazing this exfoliating toner is—which is why it’s pretty much always out of stock at Target (just go online and order it). But the full-size bottle isn’t exactly travel-friendly, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s too lazy to decant my lotions and potions into carry-on-able containers. In a stroke of good luck, I never have to go a day without my Glow Tonic thanks to the new Glow Tonic To-Go Exfoliating Toner Pads.

Featuring the same hydrating, brightening and moisturizing formula as the original, these pre-soaked pads are ideal for all skin types, even sensitive. The blend of 5% glycolic acid, aloe vera and ginseng gives your skin an instant pick-me-up along with improvement in texture and tone over time. Regardless of where your summer travels may take you, don’t leave home without them!

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