Overhaul your entire makeup bag with just one product

Are you over winter yet? I’m enjoying the chilly temperatures down here in SoFla, but I know my friends to the north are getting a little fed up with the freezing weather. The home stretch of winter is when most of us start longing for spring, and along with setting our sights on less layers come the first thoughts about spring makeup.

I usually reboot my makeup bag with a few new eye shadow or lipstick shades for each new season, but I fully understand that a total cosmetic overhaul isn’t all that practical twice a year. But with the new Master Mixer from RMS, you can literally transform just about every product you already have and get a completely new look (and it’s pretty amazing on its own, too).

This universally flattering rose gold cream is part highlighter and part multi-purpose color. It can be used alone on your eyelids, cheeks and lips to impart a warm glow—or over any shadow, blush or lipstick to add sheen and dimension. The formula blends easily with any cream or powder you may apply first, so the possibilities are truly endless. RMS founder Rose-Marie Swift also recommends using it over the Living Luminizer (the line’s star product, pictured below) for super-radiant skin that just screams YOUTH.

There’s so much more to love about this organic, chemical-free cosmetic line… The Lip2Cheek stains are insane, and the Buriti Bronzer is a must. I have to admit that I purchased the Master Mixer and Living Luminizer while writing this post, and I’m really excited about trying out this new glow-centric look for spring—without the need for any brushes. Oh, and Rose-Marie’s video tutorials for each product are sure to give you peace of mind if this finger-painting approach feels foreign to you.

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