Refresh your mascara wardrobe with Revlon’s new collection

I’m a big believer that every woman needs multiple mascaras in her beauty bag of tricks. I have one for day (NARS Audacious Mascara) and one for night (Tom Ford Ultra Length Mascara), and now thanks to Revlon, I have more options for all points in between.

This new collection of 5 formulas meets each and every eyelash need from volumizing to lengthening, and even offers multitasking options that deliver multiple lash benefits at once. And the best part is that each mascara’s name describes exactly what it does, so it’s easy to find the best match for you and your lashes. I tried them all, and here’s the scoop…

Volume + Length Magnified
Who doesn’t want longer, thicker lashes? (That’s the point of using mascara after all.) This formula is by far my favorite, and this high-gloss formula is infused with fibers that really amp up your lashes. Available in Blackest Back (waterproof and regular), Black and Blackened Brown, it also features a square brush that helps you get the mascara right to the root of your lashes for maximum results.

Dramatic Definition
This formula is my new go-to for day because it separates like no other. The brush features tiered bristles that act like a comb while coating each and every lash for clump-free fluttery fringe every time.

Super Length
The first thing I thought when I tried this formula was, This is the largest mascara brush I’ve ever seen! While the tapered tip definitely helped me get those hard-to-reach corner lashes and I saw a major boost in length, this mascara left me wanting in the definition department. But with that said, it definitely lives up to its name.

Ultra Volume Mascara

As the name implies, this formula’s brush is designed with short and long bristles that strategically deposit color to create the appearance of seriously amplified lash volume. I like this one a lot, but I wouldn’t say I love it because the result isn’t fringe-y enough for my personal taste. But if super-fat lashes are your jam, it just may be the perfect formula for you.

Ultimate All-in-One

This is the real workhorse of the collection because it combines the lash-boosting benefits of all the aforementioned formulas in one tube. Don’t be fooled by the teeny tiny brush—this mascara is big on results. Though surprisingly light on bristles, it delivers a bold “I’m wearing mascara” look though it takes a little extra effort to get each and every lash. Ideal for the girl who really wants to play up her eyes, the result is almost spidery (which isn’t a bad thing).

I want to know… How many mascaras do you have, and which of these would you want to add to your collection?