Revisit the 90s brown lipstick trend without looking like you’re still living in the 90s

When I think of the 90s, I think 90210 and its wardrobe of baby-doll tees and dresses (not a great look), high-waisted Levi’s, bold brows and, of course, brown lipstick. Unless you have zero interest in fashion, you know that all of these trends are back—fortunately updated for the new millennium—but it’s important to make these little tweaks to these familiar looks in order to not look like a throwback.

The brown-lip trend is the trickiest of them all, and first things first: Step away from the brown lip liner. You do not (I repeat, DO NOT) need it to achieve the look. Sure, you can opt for an opaque lipstick as a homage to this bygone era, but I find a more subtle approach feels more modern—and Pixi by Petra’s Tinted Brilliance Balm in “Soft Sienna” is the way to do it. I know this swatch looks peachy, but trust me, it delivers that brown 90s vibe without the college flashbacks. And along with an on-trend wash of color, you also get the hydration of a balm and the ability to swipe it on without a mirror.

So are you in or out on this makeup moment?

Treat your tresses to a bit of shimmer and shine