Say bye-bye to dry, flaky skin and hello to a gorgeous glow

The weather hasn’t started to turn just yet, but we all know it will, which is why it’s important to be ready for the inevitable dry, flaky skin that’s surely headed our way. Though not season-related, I started using my Retin-A again earlier this week, and let’s just say my skin wasn’t happy about it. (Side note: Peeling and flaking means the medication is working, but that doesn’t make the side effects any more pleasant, does it?) So rather than stopping, I’m going to power through it, and fortunately I have Bioelements’ Pumice Peel to smooth things over in the meantime.


After trying scores of scrubs over the years, I know what I like. I look for a high concentration of very fine “grit” and a paste-like consistency for a microdermabrasion-esque experience—and this scrub ticks all the boxes for me. Featuring teeny-tiny pumice crystals in a hydrating, brightening vitamin C-packed base, you can get even more out of this product by using it as a mask before washing it off.

I took it for a spin last night when the flaking around my nose and on my chin was out of control, and just a few minutes later my skin was smooth, soft and radiant. (A few layers of hydrating serum helped it stay that way until this morning.) Ideal for all skin types except very sensitive, it also gives pores a deep cleaning and can even help keep breakouts at bay. So if you want to buff away dull, dreary skin now—or when the temperatures begin to drop—I highly recommend having a jar of this skin-smoother on hand.