The latest Charlotte Tilbury palette is absolutely dreamy

There’s a fine line between hoarding and collecting, but in the case of Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palettes, I’m going with the latter. Since buying my first (“The Uptown Girl”) in London more than two years ago, my collection has grown to five and they are all still in the rotation. (In case you’re curious, I also have “The Golden Goddess,” “The Sophisticate,” the limited-edition “Fallen Angel” from a while back—and now, “The Legendary Muse.”

If you’re at all familiar with Charlotte Tilbury, you know her “looks” tend to be on the bold side—even though you can totally dial down the drama and still get a gorgeous result. (This is why I love her soft “The Ingenue” look so much—and of course I have all of the products necessary to create it.)

The new “Legendary Muse” palette is on the softer side as well, and the four complementary shades range from champagne and gold to bronze. They are designed to be blended together, but I love each and every one of them on their own (because I’m not exactly spending 20+ minutes on my makeup in the morning). It’s easy to take this look from day to night with a little black eyeliner and a few extra passes of shadow and no matter how heavy-handed you may be, the result is light (complete opposite of smokey) and fresh yet totally sophisticated.

If you’re considering this purchase, I wouldn’t wait… It’s a limited-edition offering that won’t be around forever—and you can even look at it as an investment considering the now-discontinued “Fallen Angel” palette is going for $100 on eBay! My advice: Go for it… You won’t regret it!