The most high-tech makeup mirror ever

I never really gave much thought to the mirror in my bathroom. I have an adequate amount of natural and overhead lighting, and makeup mishaps due to darkness or shadows have yet to be a problem. But, alas, all mirrors are not created equal, and I find myself obsessed with this revolutionary reflection device (yes, it can be considered a device) by simplehuman.

Available exclusively at Neiman Marcus for $400, this is the smartest mirror you’ll ever gaze at yourself with. Not only is it super-wide, the side panels are adjustable so you can see yourself from just about any angle. The LED lights are designed to simulate sunlight—and they even go on automatically when your face gets close enough (and turn off automatically when you’re done, too).

Of course, there’s an app to enhance the mirror’s performance (who knew this was even possible?!?). With this technology, you can try different preset lighting options, or capture light settings from different locations (like a candlelit dinner or the office) so you can see how your makeup will look flawless when you arrive at your destination.

It’s also cordless and rechargeable (one charge lasts for about 3 weeks) and there are plenty of other bells and whistles to play around with—including an alarm that can help you get out the door on time.

I really don’t know how much longer I can go without this in my life… Do you agree?