The non-beauty product that made a world of difference in my hair (I think)

After nearly two years of platinum hair, the stress of the past few months has really taken a toll. While a little breakage is to be expected, an almost-bald spot where my head meets my pillow is not. I’ve been taking hair supplements for a few months now (which require patience to say the least), but after one minor freak-out about this aforementioned almost-bald spot (OK, major freak-out) I decided to blame my bedding and finally switched to a silk pillowcase.

There are about a gazillion of them on Amazon, so I sorted by Prime and ultimately chose one on the low-priced end since I was unsure how this was going to pan out. The pillowcase I got was so smooth and silky I envisioned my hair gliding over it without tension—and it has been ever since. The downside is that it’s white (my next one won’t be) so there are a few makeup stains that even Oxyclean can’t get out.

All in all, there are just some things a deep conditioner or Olaplex can’t even do—and eliminating the friction associated with a normal pillowcase is one of them. And keep in mind that silk pillowcases help minimize pulling and tugging on your skin as you sleep, so they might just help keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay as well!

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