The only product(s) your lips need right now

It took a while, but winter is definitely here—and here in South Florida, winter means 65 degrees (don’t hate me). But as mild as that may seem to my friends in colder climes, even a minor drop in the mercury does a number on my lips. Despite my moisturizing efforts, my lips are still rough and flaky, and that’s where a lip scrub comes in. I absolutely love my Sara Happ, but I’ve always thought it would be so convenient to have my lip balm and scrub in one cute little container—and apparently Clinique read my mind and created Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub & Lip Balm.

This pot may look like a macaron, but it contains two essentials that will keep your lips in tip-top shape this winter (and all year long for that matter). One side has a gentle exfoliating (and delicious) sugar scrub that you massage onto dry, flaky lips and simply wipe off—while the other features a highly hydrating tinted balm. Since full-on lipstick is hard to pull off when lips are in subpar condition, this is a great stand-in day or night until things smooth over, if you catch my drift. I’m partial to the “Red Velvet” and “Candied Cassis,” but I’d welcome any of the six hues into my makeup bag!

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