The perfect body products for winter skin

Tell me if I’m wrong, but it seems there’s a very short window of time before fall begins to lose its luster (at least in colder-weather climes). Those first few glorious weeks of changing leaves and sweater weather quickly turn into complaints about the cold—and the skin changes that come along with it. For some, it’s dry, scaly skin that seems to resist even the richest of body creams. For others, it’s increased itching (often caused by eczema or psoriasis, which are aggravated by cooler temperatures and drier air). Wouldn’t it be great if we had body products that tackle both of these winter skin problems at the same time? With these two products from Rilastil, we do.

Our skin needs two things to stand up to winter: Hydration and exfoliation—and these dermatological-grade products do both at the same time. For those of you with regular (i.e. not severely) dry skin and mild to moderate psoriasis or eczema, look no further than Xerolact [E] Fluid Emulsion. With a more of a serum-like than lotion-y consistency, this skin saver hydrates and soothes with vitamin E, shea butter and glycerin as it gently exfoliates with sodium lactate (a form of lactic acid). I like to slather this on before bed so I wake up to smooth, soft legs that look great in a dress and booties.

For serious dryness with more severe skin issues, the Xerolact [E] Balm is the way to go. This more concentrated version contains the same skin-friendly ingredients but at a higher strength for even more smoothing. Ideal for thick, cracked skin (i.e. feet, hands, elbows, knees, etc.) you’ll see visible improvement in very little time, but just make sure you’re using it consistently to maintain the results.

Both of these hydrators are great for keratosis pilaris (a.k.a. the “chicken skin” on the backs of the arms) and formulated for sensitive skin—so you don’t have to worry about a reaction. Simply apply once or twice a day (preferably while skin is still damp after the shower) and your skin will weather winter beautifully.

Note: While you may be able to find these Rilastil products in just about every Italian pharmacy, they’re a bit harder to come by in the U.S. If you can’t find them with a little Internet sleuthing, you can get them in any Beauty Collection store!

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