This brush renders your flat iron obsolete

We all know how the toll heat styling takes on our tresses, and the more your hair is processed, the more serious the damage. I’ve managed to cut my washing/styling down to twice a week since going platinum, but this still means I’m subjecting my strands to a flat iron on a regular basis. But this is all about to change thanks to the Tangle Teezer Full Paddle Blow Styling Brush—and I’m forever grateful to my amazing stylist L.A. at Boca’s Peter Coppola Salon.

This may look like the paddle brush you already have, but trust me, it’s not. These bristles are super-stiff, but they manage to coax your coif into super-smooth straightness without tugging or pulling. The design also helps speed up drying time for even less heat-induced damage, and you won’t believe your eyes once you’re done—and you won’t have to bust out the flat iron. 

I had a hard time finding an online retailer but ultimately tracked it down at (go figure). Mine is en route and scheduled to arrive by the end of the week… What about yours?