This “filler” plumps up wrinkles without a needle

Injectable fillers have come a long way, and hyaluronic acid fillers are the gold standard (having replaced collagen from way back when). Since hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring molecule that gives skin its plumpness by attracting and holding onto water from its surroundings, there’s no risk of allergy—and it’s reversible in the event of a mishap. But alas, anything injectable requires a needle, and not everyone is down with that—but a new anti-aging treatment called Fillerina has somewhat sidestepped rule.

Unlike injectable fillers that plump up wrinkles from the inside, Fillerina aims to smooth fine lines and crevices from the outside. Instead of a needle, the two-step system’s “syringes” have a targeted application tip that lets you place a hyaluronic acid gel precisely where needed before “sealing it” onto the skin. In addition to instant results, this innovative product also contains an active ingredient called Matrifull that provides wrinkle improvement over the long term.

It only takes 10 minutes a day to use Fillerina, and it’s as easy as applying the step-one gel to the lines you’d like to fill in the morning or evening. Then, allow the product to set for 10 minutes before applying the step-two Nourishing Film, gently pressing it into the skin to hold step-one in place. Although Fillerina won’t have as dramatic an effect as its injectable counterparts, you should see visible improvement after following these steps for 14 days. And remember to drink 16 ounces of water before application to maximize skin hydration so the hyaluronic acid has plenty of water to attract.

Want to see Fillerina in action… Check out this video!

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