This hairstyling hack will save you so much time

Any hair pro will tell you that it’s best to wait until your hair is about 80% before attempting to straighten, curl or otherwise style it. For me and my short hair, this means using my hands to dry my hair with a blowdryer for about 3 or 4 minutes before busting out the brushes—but it could be 10 to 15 minutes or more for ladies with long locks. Sucks.

If chopping off your hair isn’t an option, there’s a new way to cheat, and it’s John Frieda’s Salon Shape Hot Air Brush. With this handy dandy tool, you can combine the blowing and styling steps, and the less time your hair is subjected to heat, the less damage is done.

This reminds me of the Conair blowdryer/brush that we all used to straighten our hair at sleepaway camp (check out the modern day version here), so if John Frieda’s stylish brush is as life-changing as that Conair was at the time, you’re about to be a really happy girl!

Required reading for any makeup maven