This La Mer serum is everything

La Mer is synonymous with “splurge” (or “essential,” depending on who you’re talking to). I’ve tried the cult-classic cream, and truth be told, I wasn’t sold. The Lip Balm and The Hand Treatment, on the other hand, are a different story. So when I got wind that The Concentrate was going to be included in my most recent Rachel Zoe Box of Style delivery, I was somewhat ambivalent, but after using it, you can count me among the legion of La Mer devotees once again.

To back up for a second, La Mer is so pricey because of a little ingredient called The Miracle Broth. This kelp-based complex was created by a scientist to heal his skin after a lab accident, and basically the rest is history. (And so is your paycheck when you buy a jar.) The Concentrate contains a staggering amount of Miracle Broth to soothe and heal sensitive or otherwise compromised skin, and I have to say the stuff works. I’ve been applying it after dermarolling and my skin looks and feels fantastic. The sample has gone a surprisingly long way and I wish I could justify spending $300 on a full-size bottle—but I just don’t see that happening in the near future. 

But with that said, if your budget is more La Mer than L’Oreal, go for it!

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