This peel is so good I’m reviewing it again

I like to think I’m a friendly beauty blogger, simply because if I don’t have anything nice to say about a product, I won’t say anything at all. And on the flip side, if I come across a line I like, I’m more than happy to spread the word near and far. About a month ago, I wrote about a line called Skin Inc. (click here for the post), focusing mainly on their incredible customized serums, but I fear I didn’t give the Pure Revival Peel its fair share of ink.

I’ve used this exceptional exfoliator a few times since, and I fall more in love with it each time I bust it out of my medicine chest. Like I said previously, it goes on like a fluid, and it starts to work its skin-sloughing magic as you start rubbing it into your skin. Within about 30 seconds, little balls of dead skin begin to form which means you can actually see what it’s removing from your face. In my world, this is pretty incredible. And the smooth, soft, radiant skin that’s revealed after each use is even more insane. The best part: There are no abrasive particles or stingy acids, so anyone can use it. (Even those with super-sensitive skin.)

Just so we’re all clear, if I write about something once I definitely like it. But if I write about it twice, I LOVE it. What products are you obsessed with these days?

I promise this BB cream is worth trying